PROscript 2000 Prospective Pay System

Prospective Pay Pharmacy Software SystemPROscript 2000 - Prospective Pay System (PPS)
Prodigy's pharmacy software includes a built-in Prospective Pay System to allow for the generation of per diem charges and rates for Medicare Part "A" patients.

Some of the features of Prospective Pay are:

Per Diem Per diem rates and descriptions are specified at the facility level and are calculated based upon the coverage dates for each patient.

Prescription Cost Allowed Maximum allowable daily Rx cost and drug formulary checking is performed at prescription entry time.

Facility Specific Options All options are facility specific.

Per Diem Charges vs Prescription Charges Per diem charges can be compared to actual Rx charges including facility/pharmacy reimbursement options.

Edit Reports Complete edit reports prior to updating the A/R file.

Undo A/R Entries Previous entries to the A/R file can be undone (backed out).

Miscellaneous Entries Entry of miscellaneous per diem charges.

Per Diem Charges List List of all per diem charges with options to page break by facility.

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