PROscript 2000 Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
Prodigy Data Systems continues to provide the highest rated pharmacy software in the industry, along with world-class customer support, making Prodigy the leader in pharmacy software and support. The following customer testimonials will attest to this statement.

Ron Belville @ Ron's Pharmacy Services

"I would like to share a few thoughts with you regarding our experience with ProScript throughout the years. We were your customers in the 80's and 90's with Clinical Care Pharmacy. We became your customers again when we built a new pharmacy in 2000 until we sold in 2005 and yet again with our newest pharmacy we opened in 2008.

You have kept your personal service business model from the beginning and that is the main reason we have continued with your system. ProScript gives us the ability to scale up rapidly, be responsive to our customer base and to train our new employees quickly and efficiently. We were able to install over 60 workstations and hire and train nearly 200 employees in less than six months using your program.

Thank you again for being there."

Best regards,

Ron Belville, Pharm. D.
Owner / President

Ron's Pharmacy Services (San Diego, CA)


Lisa Lemon @ Pharmakon LTC Pharmacy

"Our pharmacy started using PROscript 2000 in March 2007 and started Docu-Flow paperless system in July 2007.  We wish we had made the switch much earlier.  We were one of the first to make the switch from QS1 to PROscript and there were many challenges to overcome in the process.  Prodigy did an excellent job making the transition as smooth as possible.

The staff at Prodigy are great!  They take a lot of pride in their system and are always available and responsive when issues do arise.  It is extremely rare if I go more than 24 hours without having a resolution.  Our previous software vendor would take 6 months or more to address issues.  Prodigy has worked very closely with other technology vendors that we are using to make sure that the interfaces are working properly.  Even they have said how much they appreciate the work of Prodigy Data Systems.

I recommend PROscript 2000 to everyone in the Long Term Care business that I come across.  I know how frustrating it is to work with software vendors that just treat you as an account number and don’t care about your needs.  Prodigy is out there looking at new technology to interface with, like eMar, scanning technology and more.  They are always looking for things that will help improve our business and the services we provide.

Docu-Flow paperless system has also been a wonderful addition to our business.  Original orders, delivery tickets, census’ and more are all at our fingertips.  We can answer a nurse’s question on the spot instead of having to go back and dig through paperwork.  It has also been great for audits.

I just cannot say enough great things about the whole crew at Prodigy.  We are extremely happy with their product and with their company!"


Lisa Lemon, RPh
Pharmacy Manager

Pharmakon LTC Pharmacy (Carmel, IN)


Marty Willing @ ALS Pharmacy, Inc.

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with the PROscript software. It performs better than advertised. My staff has thanked me many times for our decision to convert to PROscript.

As I have told you, I want to stay at the leading edge with our software capabilities and I believe we are there with this software. I have no problem in sharing with you that I have recently investigated other software vendors in today's market. They fall short of Prodigy and PROscript. There is no comparison in the value that you bring to the table.

The thing that I really value is the relationship that we have with you and your staff. I feel like I have my own IT staff on site. You guys are always available, and if I have an issue, it is resolved quickly. After the experiences we have had with other vendors, I truly appreciate your service. I cannot put a dollar value on that.

I do not compliment readily but I feel a need to compliment when I see excellence. You have both excellence in product and service. I thank you for and congratulate you on a job well done."


Marty Willing, COO

ALS Pharmacy, Inc. (Louisville, KT / Middletown, CT)


Mike Storms @ CNS Scrips Pharmacy

"We have used PROscript since 1996 in three different pharmacies. We wouldn't even consider any other software to handle our assisted living business. It does everything we need—and more. Even now, 20 years later, we find features and modules in this product we didn’t even know existed—features that add efficiency and productivity to our business operations.


Prodigy’s customer service and technical support set the gold standard in this industry—indeed, in any industry. They respond to technical issues, questions about how use the product, or even guidance with “best practices” immediately, thoroughly and competently. They have worked with us on several issues involving data exchange problems with other vendors’ systems. They have always stepped up to the plate, taken ownership of the problem, and fixed it—even when the problem was the fault of the other vendor! On several occasions, they’ve diagnosed and fixed problems in our own network that were causing PROscript not to run correctly. They’re better fixing our network than our own IT staff!


Prodigy is a family-owned business—and it shows. They feel like part of our pharmacy family, and they make us feel like part of theirs."


Michael D. Storms, Ph.D.


CNS Scrips Pharmacy (Las Vegas, NV)


Steve Boulanger @ Mercury Pharmacy Services

"I would highly recommend using Prodigy as a Pharmacy POS system.  We primarily serve Long-Term Care patients and this system has saved us many hours of data entry.  It is easy to use, but is deep with features and benefits. They have been able to add features and interfaces that have been requested with ease.

I appreciate the service levels with Prodigy which are the best in the industry in my opinion." 


Steve Boulanger, R.Ph. FASCP

Mercury Pharmacy Services (Seattle, WA)


Gregg Lee @ Ottersens Pharmaceutical Service

"After several years, and evaluations of multiple pharmacy software systems, I chose Prodigy data systems in 2011. To this date, we are still using, and are very satisfied with their system and would recommend it to someone servicing long term care or assisted living facilities.
They were the only software system that offered us custom programing to the accommodate the unique true unit dose distribution system that we offer to our long term care facilities. Their daily support, and software support has been exceptional (they actually answer their own phone). 

They have accommodated multiple requests that I have made to address situations unique to how we use their software. Their software is easy to use, and easy to learn. They have been ahead of the game when addressing electronic billing changes as mandated by CMS and PDM’s. Another satisfied customer." 


Gregg B. Lee, R.Ph.

Ottersens Pharmaceutical Service (Seattle, WA)


Brenda Kunz @ Caribou Memorial Hospital

"PROscript 2000 has simplified our pharmacy billing completely.  It is extremely user friendly and added to this the support from the PROscript staff is outstanding.  My questions have been answered promptly and I never feel my slightest concern is unworthy of attention." 


Brenda Kunz

Caribou Memorial Hospital (Soda Springs, ID)