Pharmacy Software Retroactive Rebilling And Review

Pharmacy Software Rebilling & ReviewRetroactive Rebilling & Review

So often, a patient is entered into the system under a particular status, charges are accumulated for weeks or months and then it is determined that these charges should be billed to a different third party. To accomplish this rebilling process manually would entail many man hours. This time consuming task is eliminated by this pharmacy system function - Retroactive Rebilling.

The system allows you to rebill ANY billing transactions for ANY time period from one third party to another. All or selected prescriptions may be rebilled. Multiple cut-off dates can be entered for each new third party.

By selecting the patient, entering the "from" and "through" dates to rebill plus the new third party code, all prior transactions will be credited to the patient's account and new charges will be generated for the current status. If copays are required for the new status, the system will pause and allow the entry of the copay amount. If the OLD third party charged a copay, this amount is reversed. If prior authorization is required for the NEW third party or the drug is not covered, you are alerted and can enter the appropriate response.

If the "rebilled to" third party can be adjudicated electronically, the transaction is added to the Online Batch Billing pending file. A hard copy report of all rebilled transactions is available to aid in the A/R reconciliation process.

Billing Review
A full billing history is available to reflect all transactions for a patient for any period of time. These transactions, along with their status are broken out and include totals for each third party. Rebilled "To" and "From" charges are displayed as well as "House Account" charges and "Voids", providing a formal running billing history for any patient.

This report may be viewed on-screen or printed as hard-copy.

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