Pharmacy Software App i-PROscan

The future of pharmacy technology is here.
Finally.i-PROscan App for Pharmacy Software


Pharmacy Software i-PROscan



The pharmacy industry's first

in-house iPhone/iPod app.


Streamlined workflow. Enhanced productivity.



Introducing the first-of-it's-kind revolutionary


pharmacy app that allows you to scan, verify,


track, tote & more right from your mobile device.




With an iPod or iPhone - iOS 5 or higher - you can now


perform all of your Rx Tracking/Verification tasks,


plus manage your totes and inventory at a


much easier & faster rate than ever before. The


i-PROscan app provides speed, efficiency,


convenience, and versatility - all on a powerful,


lightweight device. Giving your pharmacy


enhanced workflow and bigger profits.












Final Pharmacist Check

Rx NDC Verification


Rx Verification.


Made easy.



NDC and Pharmacist Verification just got


a whole lot simpler. The ultra-accurate


built-in barcode scanner lets you scan


prescription and drug package


barcodes effortlessly, while the hi-


resolution display provides clear


verification at a glance, on top of audio


verification. And, if the barcode is


unreadable (and you're feeling lucky),


you can even ask Siri to enter in the


barcode number for you.


Finalize your verification with the Final Rph


Check, where you can view complete drug


and allergy interactions with a single tap.








pharmacy software drug interactions





All interactions. All in one spot.



Upon performing the Final Rph Check, the number of


interactions are clearly indicated beside each


interactions-type icon at the bottom of the


Final Rph Check screen. Simply tap the desired icon


to view the associcated interactions listing screen.


Enjoy hi-resolution screen graphics, making for


crystal-clear and accurate viewing.




Drug, allergy/diagnosis and dosage interactions,


plus the ability to see associated documents.


Tap and view. It's that easy.













Pharmacy Software Tote Management





Tote Management.


Effectively. Right from your mobile device.



Grab your iPhone or iPod from your pocket and begin managing


your facility totes right from your finger tips. Scan-in, view,


open, add-to, and close totes more easily than ever before.


Removal of toted prescriptions is a scan-and-tap away.


Even print packing lists wirelessly.



i-PROscan's ultra-fast app speed makes


tote management incredibly streamlined -


from input to delivery.

















Inventory. Audits as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Scan, enter, and update. That's thei-PROscan App Inventory Audit


simplicity experienced when updating


inventory quantity on-hands in your


pharmacy system's drug file with what


is truly on your stock shelves. All done in


real-time, and on time via the app's


amazing quick-scan capability and


lightning-speed data transfer. Enjoy


getting more done, faster.



Whether tallying up inventory to get


a simple count, or doing a live inventory


audit, i-PROscan allows you to make


quick work of these tasks. It even


keeps a history of what inventory


has been counted.










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