PROscript 2000 Cycle Fill

Cycle Fill For Pharmacy SoftwarePROscript 2000 - Cycle Fill / Unit Dose Cycle Fill

The Cycle Fill function allows for the automatic refilling of routine medications. It has been estimated that approximately 65-70% of all refills in a long term care facility are routinely filled on a weekly, monthly, etc. basis. Rather than having the nursing staff continually calling the pharmacy to request these routine refills, the system will automatically generate these fills on a regular basis. Since PROscript also has the ability to process unit dose fills, a unit dose cycle fill function is used to routinely fill and summarize transactions to be billed.

At the time of the original fill, you simply indicate that the prescription should be cycle filled, enter the daily quantity and dispense the appropriate initial quantity to reach the next cycle fill (system provides an automatic calculator to determine initial filling quantity). Thereafter, each week, month, etc., you instruct the system to refill all cycle fill prescriptions for a specific time period.

Individual or all nursing facilities may be processed at one time, as well as individual or all nursing stations.

Billing transactions may be created for a specified date or labels only may be printed for a previous cycle. The label date may be different than the billing date, allowing for multiple labels to be generated for a particular cycle.

All on-line transactions are transmitted for adjudication via the Online Batch Billing function.

If a power failure, etc. occurs while processing refills, you may re-start the program without fear of losing the previous labels or refilling the same prescription twice.

While processing the refills, you may instruct the system to pause on each prescription for visual verification or only pause if a question need be answered such as MAXIMUM REFILLS REACHED. You may also request a hard copy report of all alerts which will allow the cycle fill process to run unattended.

The labels may be sorted by patient name, drug name, nursing station or room and bed. All labels are spooled and released to the printer on demand. This eliminates tying up a system printer while the program is processing.

When the cycle is complete, you may print a packing list of all refills, a cycle fill listing by drug name, patient, or room and bed, within each facility.

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