PROscript 2000 Pharmacy Accounts Receivable And Billing

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Billing Statements And Formats
Private Billing: Charges for any third party (payor) may be printed on the private billing statement. Statements may be produced for facility house accounts and family plans as well as for individual patients. Statements may be re-run as often as required prior to aging the account. Statements may be selected for specific patients, nursing facilities and time periods.

Finance charges, dunning notices and advertising messages may be applied. Otc and legend indicators may be activated for desired plans.

PROscript also supports / produces:

Medicare and VA Billing Universal Claims OMAP 505 Statements
California Medi-Cal Billing HMO Billing Formats X12 837 Upload
HCFA 1500 Statements Lien, Worker's Compensation Billing WI Non-Compound Statements

Accounts Receivable
With prescription fees and profit opportunities being curtailed, the ability to accurately track, rebill, reconcile and collect outstanding receivables becomes more and more the backbone of your pharmacy company.

The "PROscript 2000" receivable system offers all of this functionality and is built into the pharmacy system.

Upon entering a charge, whether a prescription or a miscellaneous entry, the A/R system is automatically updated. There is no need to perform an end-of-month function to update this file.

To change a prescription dollar amount or void a charge, a simple one-step entry updates both the Rx and A/R files.

Charges may be re-billed from one third party to another automatically updating accounts receivable. A monthly hard copy of all re-billed transactions is included. All re-billed transactions are reflected on the billing statements (where applicable).

Finance charges may be applied to ALL or specific patients within a facility.

The A/R aging report is the only "must do" function to update account balances and may be re-run if required. There are no special files to be backed up, merged or purged. The aging report can be run at any time and does not affect the processing of current month prescriptions. The report can be broken by facility if desired.

Outstanding third party charges are reconciled either by diskette, tape, Internet or manually by Rx number. Hard copy batch listings are provided for all paid, suspended, denied, etc. claims.

An "Open Item" report is provided to track all outstanding charges with denial, suspend, etc. codes for easy rebilling.

A collection report is provided which produces a hard copy of outstanding charges, for any third party, for any time period. This report can be segregated by facility and includes the guarantor information and telephone numbers.

A monthly revenue summary report is produced as part of the aging report. This report recaps by patient within facility the prescription charges, cash receipts, miscellaneous entries and rebilling transactions for the month. A rollover worksheet is provided as part of the aging report to aid in the balancing of the aging report from one month to the next.

The above lists just some of the accounts receivable functions within PROscript 2000. Request Additional Software Information