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PROscript LTC Pharmacy Software
The "PROscript 2000" Pharmacy Software Is Currently Installed In The Largest Long Term Care Pharmacies Across The United States.

Pharmacy software for Long Term Care pharmacies. Prodigy's "PROscript 2000" software system provides the complete long term care pharmacy software solution to fulfill all of your pharmacy's requirements today and beyond. With features including Rx and drug verification, paperless document management, cycle filling, retroactive rebilling and review, tote management, bar coding, eMARS, batch billing, Surescripts E-Prescribing, mobile pharmacy apps, etc., "PROscript 2000" is the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly pharmacy management software available in the market today, backed by over 30 years of experience and Customer satisfaction.

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The company and it's principles have incorporated into this dynamic system all the necessary pharmacy software features and disciplines selected from over 30 years of experience. Prodigy is committed to providing the highest level of software quality and service.

The "PROscript 2000" system enables the purchaser to have a competitive advantage and offer more services than other pharmacies. Some of the accomplishments produced by the Prodigy Pharmacy Software System include:

  • Superior User-Flexibility with System Options
  • Maximized Billing Accuracy and Speed
  • Improved Customer Response Time
  • Paperless Document Management via Docu-Flow
  • Increased Pharmacy Growth and Profits in Less Time
  • Real-Time Tote Delivery Tracking System via toteTRACK
  • Expanded Pharmacist's Productive Hours
  • HL7 and Electronic Medical Records (E-MAR) Interfaces
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Customized Pharmacy Labels
  • Competitively Priced Pharmacy Software - FINANCING AVAILABLE!
  • eLINK - Enhanced Facility Internet Access module into the Pharmacy
  • PrescribersConnection Certified
  • Increased Customer Services
  • Enhanced Prescription Entry for Easy and Efficient Rx Fills/Refills
  • E-Prescribing via the Surescripts Network
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Key Modules All Under One System

Prodigy has taken it upon itself to develop industry-leading pharmacy software modules that are in high demand by pharmacies and are at the forefront of technology, while providing these modules to pharmacies at a fraction of the price that third-party companies are charging.


Modules such as Docu-Flow (paperless document management system), toteTRACK (tote delivery tracking system), i-PROscan (in-house pharmacy workflow app for iPhone/iPod), and eLink (enhanced facility Internet Access) are all software modules that have been written/developed by Prodigy, specifically for the PROscript 2000 system. As a result, pharmacies get these modules, which are more powerful, 100% designed to integrate with the PROscript system, and require no dealing with a third party company..all at a much lesser cost!



Long Term Care Pharmacy Software
With Customer Service To Back It Up

Industry-known for having the most responsive customer service, Prodigy prides itself on keeping that reputation and building upon it every year. We realize time is money, especially in the fast-paced pharmacy environment, which is why Prodigy makes it a #1 priority to provide the customer support pharmacies require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - after-hours, weekends and holidays included.


Experience first-class service and response times by getting in touch with our pharmacy software specialists team by either phone, email, or our enhanced support HelpDesk Portal where you can log, track and get the answers you need to any question or request you may have along the way.




"The Best Solution In The Industry"
Pharmacy Software for Long Term Care PROscript continues to receive outstanding reviews.

Not only do our existing Customers continue to achieve rapid growth and success, outside pharmacy consultants are also highly recommending PROscript 2000.

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Recent News
    2017 NEWS
  • 22Aug

    Prodigy Obtains Surescripts LTC Messaging Certification for Additional eMAR Interfaces - Including the Point Click Care (PCC) Interface. This most recent certification with Surescripts enables PROscript users access to even more eMAR interfaces using the industry standard 10.6 messaging format, including the long sought-after Point Click Care (PCC) interface. Contact a Prodigy Rep for more details.

  • 20Feb

    Come Visit Prodigy Staff at the 2017 MHA Pharmacy Software Show - March 29th to 30th in Las Vegas! Once again, Prodigy staff will be on location at the 2017 Annual MHA Pharmacy Show inside the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

    Look for us in booth #721 on March 29th-30th 2017, and swing by to see full software demos of PROscript 2000, including our #1 in-the-industry modules of Docu-Flow, eLink, i-PROscan, rxTRACKER, and newly enhanced toteTRACK app.

    We look forward to another fantastic LTC pharmacy show and talking pharmacy technology with everyone!
    See you all at booth #721

  • 2016 NEWS
  • 05Oct

    Prodigy @ ASCP 2016 Pharmacy Show THIS Nov!Mark your calendar and anticipate on visiting Prodigy Data Systems in booth # 805 on November 4-5 2016. Full system demos available including our proprietary add-on modules such as Docu-Flow, eLink, i-PROscan, rxTRACKER, and our industry-leading toteTRACK app.

    We look forward to discussing and showing you the latest in pharmacy technology!
    See it all in real-time @ booth #805

  • 06May

    Prodigy Releases toteTRACK Delivery Solution app for iOSProdigy Data Systems is pleased to announce the public availability of the 2nd generation toteTRACK delivery system - now running on iOS for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The most robust delivery solution in the industry brings simple, yet sophisticated features to pharmacies without the high costs associated with using a premier delivery solution. Available now on the app store.

    toteTRACK. Efficient delivery. All in real-time.
    toteTRACK pharmacy software
    Available on the app store

    View the official news release
    View more app details
    See additional product line-up

  • 2015 NEWS
  • 01Jan

    Prodigy Data Systems obtains PrescribersConnection's Long Term Care 10.6 Certification As of December 30, 2014, Prodigy Data Systems, Inc. received the LTC Partner Certificate of Compliance by PrescribersConnection®, LLC. PrescribersConnection welcomes Prodigy as an ‘Early Adopter’ of the LTC Workflows and Standardization effort underway. Full news release

  • 2014 NEWS
  • 07Oct

    PDS Announces Partnership With CoverMyMeds Prodigy Data Systems is pleased to announce integration with CoverMyMeds for faster prior authorization approvals within the Long Term Care pharmacy setting. Read the official news release

  • 12Aug

    PDS Obtains EPCS Certification for E-PrescribingProdigy Data Systems is pleased to announce that we have achieved EPCS Certification with InfoGard Laboratories for our PROscript 2000 pharmacy software application!

  • 05May

    Streamline Your Pharmacy Workflow with
    Prodigy has unveiled the pharmacy industry's first in-house iPhone/iPod app " i-PROscan"i-PROscan Pharmacy App Available for download on App Store!
    i-PROscan Pharmacy Software App

    The i-PROscan pharmacy app is for any pharmacy looking for the best way to streamline workflow, enhance productivity, and maximize profits within the pharmacy. Click here for more app details!


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Why Choose Us?
  • With our unparalleled software features and industry knowledge, your pharmacy will always be on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Our Company philosophy differs significantly from other pharmacy software vendors in that we believe in supplying the most advanced and user-friendly software at the most cost effective price.
  • Extensive pharmacy management reports, as well as enhanced Long Term Care and Retail software features such as drug imaging and imprint, Rx Verification and Tote Management, paperless document processing, etc. – all on a 100% Windows platform, contribute to the efficiency of  PROscript 2000.
  • Our software is Microsoft Windows 2000/2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 compatible. Written in the C++ programming language for unrivalled versatility, speed and performance.
  • We care about the needs and growth of your pharmacy so that you can generate maximum profits in minimum time.


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