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A Few Words About Us
Reliable and Performance Driven Pharmacy Software Dedicated.
Performance Driven.
Reliable. Trusted.

Since its inception in the early 1980's, Prodigy Data Systems' philosophy and emphasis has been concentrated in three major areas;

User-friendly Pharmacy Software Ease of operation and user-friendliness
Word Class Customer Support Unexcelled customer support
Innovative Pharmacy System State-of-the-art technology

Established in 1982, the PROscript 2000 software was developed for, and under the direct influence of the largest long term care pharmacies in California. Today, our customer base consists of the most demanding, professional and successful LTC pharmacy operations in the industry, and Prodigy Data Systems works very closely with our valued customers to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology.

As attested to by our customer testimonials, the PROscript 2000 pharmacy system has earned the undisputed reputation as the most user-friendly, sophisticated, cost effective pharmacy solution available in today's highly competitive market.

Combined with our "unexcelled in the industry" 24/7/365 support program, you now have a win-win combination.

Once you have reviewed the PROscript 2000 benefits and capabilities, we believe you will agree with our assessment. Please call or email for additional information and to arrange for a demonstration.

What We Offer
  • Prodigy Data Systems specializes in the development of Long Term Care pharmacy software. "PROscript 2000" integrates advanced pharmaceutical product modules, along with cutting edge technology, to deliver the most user-friendly, efficient, and productive Long Term Care pharmacy system available.

Some of the products and services that we offer are:

LTC Pharmacy Software NetRx Facility Interface
Built-In Accounts Receivable Enhanced / Easy Rx Entry
HL7 / E-Mar Interfaces Comprehensive Reports
Retail Pharmacy Software Docu-Flow Interface
Unrivalled Customer Support Cost Effective Pricing

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Our Philosophy
  • Our Philosophy is simple. To provide the most innovative yet easy-to-use pharmacy software to all of our customers, backed with unsurpassed customer support from day one, so you can grow your business faster!

Our work team
PROscript 2000 Software Staff Experience "fast and friendly" Customer Service with Prodigy's Pharmacy Software Staff.

Whether it's after regular business hours or on the weekends, our support Staff has you covered with returned calls and email responses within minutes!


The Prodigy Staff works diligently to provide innovative software and quality customer service that is continuously above and beyond the competition.



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